I try my best to NOT get myself in arguments with companies, I have long since said that the customer service in Jamaica is beyond lacking and that there is no accountability for the shitty end of the stick that we the consumers get on a regular basis. Nevertheless, I got my hopes up recently, I switched to LIME and I must admit that after my run in with Claro and their abysmal service I was skittish. But just like a big careless gyal mi frighten fi nice tings. I see the iPhone and the social media campaign I get some fast service and I relaxed. Well, well, well see it yah! One quick swift of reality I am once more in a situation where I am NOT getting the service that I am paying for.

At first I thought “why do companies feel that they can treat consumers like that?” but I realized that was the wrong question. The question that I should be asking is “Why do Jamaicans continually give up their power?” this goes way beyond consumer products it is even seen in every day life, politics, news, and dealings. For some of the “roughest, toughest set a people” we sure accept any and everything. Don’t believe me, just look on our track record as a nation, but I digress.

My issue here is with a telecommunications provider who takes my money every single month and does NOT give me what I pay for. This is tantamount to me going to the mechanic to get my car serviced only to find out that they didn’t change my oil filter, or didn’t check my brakes. The older I get, the harder I work, the more difficult I find it to just let this go. I mean how is it that I am in your Direct Message for MONTHS complaining about the same issue and there is NO improvement? How is this fair to me the consumer? I honestly feel like it is sheer hope and brain power that gets my emails thru every time I press send then walk to the bathroom, mix my tea and pick back up my phone. It’s really taking me back to the dark days of dial up it’s like Dial up data all I need now is a ICQ notification to make my flashback complete.

Anyone that knows me, that follows me on twitter or facebook KNOWS I am a LIME advocate. I laugh at people with Digicel all the time but look at me, look at me good. The Joke’s on me. I honestly don’t expect anything to come out of this, can just pray for number portability soon or for them to finally get it together.

Faith & Love,



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